20CRv3 Diagnostics

This is a set of analyses of the newly-released NOAA/CIRES/DOE Twentieth Century Reanalysis version 3 (20CRv3). It compares 20CRv3 to 20CRv2c, to CERA-20C, and to newly-digitised observations from around the British Isles.

Get the data

The 20CRv3 data used here is distributed through the NERSC web portal. It can be downloaded directly.

Data from scout runs can be obtained (with some effort) by following these instructions.

Stripes plots

Latitude:time plots of monthly averages.

Comparisons of 20CRv3 with 20CRv2c

Validation against observations

The new observations rescued from the Daily Weather Reports have not yet been used by any reanalysis, so they are ideal for validation. Doing the comparison for several different times during the period covered by the new observations shows the effect of varying reanalysis and observation quality.

Observations and fog videos

Boundary conditions

Small print

This document and the data associated with it, are crown copyright (2018) and distributed under the terms of the Open Government Licence. All code included is licensed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License.