How to use this dataset

This dataset is kept under version control in a git repository. The repository is hosted on GitHub (and the documentation made with GitHub Pages). The repository is

If you are familiar with GitHub, you already know what to do: If you’d prefer not to bother with that, you can download the whole dataset as a zip file.

The data themselves are distibuted as a set of plain text files (in the ‘data’ directory - note that the repository also contains the source data files from which they were constructed). Also included is a python module providing an API to the data - to use this module, download the dataset and then install it with:

python install --user

You should then be able to run scripts like:

import DWR
import datetime

If you use this dataset, please let us know, by raising an issue. You are not obliged to do this, but it would help the campaign to rescue even more data.