How to use this dataset

This document is hard to reproduce, as it uses pre-release data, which is not widely available.

This document is kept under version control in a git repository. The repository is hosted on GitHub (and the documentation made with GitHub Pages). The repository is This repository contains everything you need to reproduce or extend this work except the 20CRv3 data, which is not yet released.

If you are familiar with GitHub, you already know what to do: If you’d prefer not to bother with that, you can download the whole dataset as a zip file.

To re-run the scripts included, first install three packages this depends on:

  • IRData which provides access to the reanalysis data used,
  • Meteographica for plotting weather maps,
  • The DWR dataset containing the newly-digitised British Isles observations.

Then install the libraries included in this package:

python install --user

If you reuse this, please let me know, by raising an issue. You are not obliged to do this, but it would help.